virtual assistant, virtual administrator, project manager, writer, editor

Behind every successful entrepreneur is a dedicated, trusted assistant!

Are the everyday endless administrative, writing, web maintenance, and project management tasks taking you away from what you do best?

Now you can find relief and go from overwhelm to organized!


My passion in life is helping entrepreneurs keep their businesses running smoothly. I'm committed to providing top-quality service, utilizing a wide range of skills, sprinkled with a cheery sense of humour. :-)

I look forward to connecting with you!

I've been working as a professional virtual assistant since 1997, and have provided a wide variety of services to entrepreneurs, authors, psychologists, business/life coaches, small businesses, non-profit societies, and more.

I have extensive writing experience, including copywriting, ghostwriting and editing skills.
See my portfolio here.

"When I first hired Kathy as a writer for my team, I had no idea how quickly she'd become indispensable to me. She now holds the positions of Executive VA, Senior Client Manager and Senior Writer, but besides the titles, she's simply become my rock." She's helped me organize my workload and be more productive, she manages the Client Managers and VA Associates with the utmost professionalism and enthusiasm, and she works very hard behind-the-scenes every day to ensure priorities are met. All of us, my clients, our team members and I sing her praises. She brings excellent skills, passion and dedication to all she does, and I am very grateful to have her in my organization."
~Pam Ivey, Owner, My Creative Assistant

"Kathy excels as a writer and editor but it is her marketing skills that really shine."
~Vincent J. Capone, M.Sc., Black Laser Learning Marine Technology and Training Operations.

My Ideal Clients:

Smith Secretarial & Design's ideal clients are well-established, progressive entrepreneurs who are looking to develop a long-term, lasting relationship with a VA.

I choose to work with those who are:
*confident about their business, organized and know what they want
*love working collaboratively
*willing to trust and support their VA
*honest and fun to work with

Some of the work I've done for clients include:

*writing/editing (copywriting, ghostwriting, editing)
*project management
*team management
*shopping cart administration

*website maintenance (using Dreamweaver)
*administrative marketing
*creating and managing administrative policies and procedures
*newsletter (ezine) writing, design and distribution
*making travel arrangements...and more!

“Kathy has been instrumental as a virtual executive assistant in organizing my travel, booking meetings, scheduling conference calls, and handling all the paperwork - as well as juggling logistics for complex international trips. She has assisted in organizing and coordinating major overseas expeditions, with a variety of scientists and equipment, and did it all well. She also administers my website, (she helped create it), she maintains it, and has been a key and valued member of the editorial team on several books and articles that have ranged from technical and academic to popular accounts for the public. She is indeed a superlative right arm, offering support and advice as needed, and also acting quickly and efficiently when something is needed, and she is a valued member of the team.”
~James P. Delgado, President of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology

Also see

So just imagine your right hand working alongside you with honesty, reliability, confidentiality, empathy, compassion, passion, enthusiasm and vision -- oh, and did I mention a sense of humour?!

Please feel free to contact any of the people listed in my testimonials. I am also happy to provide you with my resume upon request.


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